EFA 2021 Workforce Development Outcomes

Efficiency For All – (EFA) “Efficiency is Efficient” ~ Creating and Advocating for Responsible Reliable Resilient Reachable Energy Policy

EFA is a nonprofit located in Connecticut. We advocate for the stabilization and expansion of local and national Energy Efficiency and Clean Energy programs which protect human health, improve the environment, provide local jobs, increase positive economic outcomes, and reduce short-term and long-term energy costs. We provide connections to the communities we serve and clean energy careers.

Executive Summary

Connecticut and our nation as a whole are facing a lack of qualified workers for available energy efficiency jobs and clean energy jobs. These Energy Efficiency (EE) career paths include entry level and building science certified roles, energy auditors, EE support techs, insulation installers and insulation support techs, office administrators, window installers, electricians, heat pump installers, ALM/ mold remediators, customer service representatives, and office billers.

The lack of qualified workers is exacerbated by the need to develop certified efficiency programs for workers to support the expanded federal and local investments in efficiency and clean energy jobs to meet new state and federal climate and energy goals. The Pandemic resulted in over 30% loss of energy efficiency workers, widening the already growing gap. As the nation begins to reinvest in the energy efficiency industry and clean energy industry, this workforce gap continues to widen both locally and nationally.

Energy efficiency is still the most cost-effective way to lower energy costs, and energy related pollution, while closing the energy affordability gap, and addressing the connections between health and housing. The energy we don’t waste is the cheapest and cleanest source of energy for all people.

Many job seekers are unaware of the growing energy efficiency and clean energy career industries. While others lack the proper skill sets needed to apply for the local and growing energy efficiency roles in our great state. All of these issues have resulted in a lack of workforce to meet the industry and state goals. This is our fast-track solution.

Federal Support

Under the ARPA funding initiative, EFA was provided funding for 10 trainees to participate in an EE clean energy workforce program. This was leveraged with contractor funding to support 15 trainees in a 12-week program.

Outcomes from EE Workforce Development Fall 2021

10 trainees were enrolled using CT CARES Act funds. Efficiency For All leveraged additional funds from contractors in our state to support 5 more seats in this program. Thus 15 completed the 12 week course.

All 15 completed the course and all 15 are gainfully employed in Connecticut.

Results 6 month after program completion: 

Transportation Issues Resolved

Participants transportation “speed bumps” and outcomes related to transportation needs:

  • Four of the participants did not have reliable transportation. They started the course while using other people’s cars, using ride shares, and taking the public bus. Three of the participants purchased vehicles and one was able to utilize public transportation to meet his transportation work needs.
  • Three participants did not have driving licenses. All three participants obtained valid driver licenses.

Creating Agency, Resilience Building, Financial gains, and Housing

  • One participant increased his credit score from the low 500s to the high 700s and is preparing to make an offer on his first home. 
  • Another participant was living in a transient situation. He has since secured a lease on an apartment and is saving to purchase his first home. 
  • Additionally, several participants did not have bank accounts. Currently, all participants now have bank accounts. 
  • All participants learned household budgeting and time management

Jobs Obtained by Participants

  • EFA had a 100% placement in an Energy Efficiency and Green career paths.
  • EFA had a 100% retention rate which has included pay increases ranging from $16 to $25 an hour.
  • 13 of the program fifteen graduates have already reached incomes of over $17 an hour. 

Employment Locations

Job sites: Hartford, Windsor, Wallingford, Watertown, Fairfield, Branford, Middletown, and Manchester

Feedback from Employers


“Overall, Francisco has been progressing nicely and has been able to expand his building science knowledge. He is currently learning the proper way to set up various industry-related diagnostic tests and we hope to soon have him working as a fully functioning Lead Technician in the near future.”


“Rashad came to us well-versed in a lot of general knowledge, which is great… he learned quickly. The program is great for steering people towards a good career… I do feel the 6 weeks of paid training was enough to get Rashad up to speed to jump on a team.”

Harisi Energy

“Andrew has turned into a new person equipped with his building science knowledge…His work ethics show a promising future lead tech role in our company. Andrew comes ready and equipped every day to tackle any challenges that may arise.”


“Miguel and Jeffrey have been amazing additions to our team. They are now leading their own crews and performing at very high levels.”

Our Contractor Network

We partner with contractors all across the State of Connecticut.

Due to the program’s tremendous success, our contractor network is increasing rapidly. We are receiving weekly requests to join our network. Please contact us if you are a contractor in CT and would like to join our network of mentors and are willing to hire.

Email: contactus@efficiencyforall.org