The Importance of Energy Efficiency (EE) to CT

Energy Saved is the Cleanest Energy of All Energy and should be viewed as a low cost/high return option to reducing the strain on our energy grid while lowering carbon emissions, and reducing air and water pollution. Additionally the energy efficiency programs help to educate residents across the State of Connecticut on the importance of saving energy to meet our State’s goals.  This information is provided as a broad overview of the importance of Energy Efficiency as a first step in any energy plan.

Residential and commercial building energy efficiency is the critical first step to any energy plan which intends to battle climate change and its negative and far reaching environmental and health impacts.

This website and the reports located here have been collected and distributed for use by key stakeholders and decision makers. The intent is to provide current studies and data to EE program administration, board members, and legislators with the intent that they may better comprehend the importance of assessing a residence through the use of proven building-science based BPI assessments prior to installing any upgrades or providing any state-subsidized financing tools.

As we move forward to progressing the EE/Building Science industry and many professional EE services State-wide, we intend to keep our focus on providing National data and reports to support the broad education of our goal to educate and protect the best interest of the ratepayers and residents of this State. Our contractor base has continued to raise the bar on the level of training required to assess and install direct upgrades and weatherization such as insulation, lighting retrofits, HVAC, windows, and renewable energy in homes across CT.