Solve Climate 2030 International Conference – UConn Power Dialog

April 7th, 2020

Engage + Educate + Advocate + Collaborate + Innovate
= Positive Equitable Energy Policy Outcomes

The Spin on Energy ……

Many of us are focused on “Climate talk”, “Carbon Talk”, “Clean Energy”,
“Green Energy” , EV policy, EV infrastructure build outs, Wind, Solar,
Geothermal, Transportation, workforce, Ratepayer Funds, Green Bank
Programs, Outreach needs, highest carbon emitters, where to start, who
should pay for all of what we want as goals, who should be allowed to use
incentives, who can’t use the incentives and programs, what they can be used for, cost effective testing, what is the best plan to lower carbon, protect health, mitigate climate change, grow our economy, lower energy burdens, close affordability gaps, protect water and air, educate people, ensure Equity for all, and what steps we need to take this year to lay the foundation for our success. Because without a plan a goal is just a wish…..