EFA members receive awards at from Connecticut Fund for the Environment 10-2018

EFA is a local nonprofit which works with communities, leaders, and the EE workforce to raise awareness on the value and importance of energy efficiency to our economy, workforce, health, energy stability, environment, and rising energy costs in Connecticut.

Last week, two EFA members were awarded for their efforts to protect the ratepayer funds and the local energy efficiency programs & services.

Stephanie Weiner, Leticia Colon de Mejias and Vivian Perez (not pictured) were key plaintiffs in the legal filing against the latest state of Connecticut raid on the energy efficiency funds and renewable energy funds.

Their efforts along with key support from E4 the Future were critical to the legal action taken to protect the ratepayers and our clean energy future.

Efficiency remains the least expensive and most efficient clean energy resource we can deploy.

Learn more about the legal case and positive outcomes EE provides Connecticut’s. Join EFA in our effort to increase energy efficiency and to educate the public about the value and importance of energy efficiency to a stable energy future.

Efficiency is the least expensive clean energy resource that we can deploy. Efficiency is the fastest way to reach both our economic and environmental goals. Simply put, “Efficiency is Efficient.”

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